Magnetic MagSafe Wireless Charger w/ Ring - Stand 15W

Magnetic MagSafe Wireless Charger w/ Ring - Stand 15W

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Meet the new and revolutionary mini power bank with wireless charging capability that attaches to the new iPhone 12 magnetically. (also compatible with android)

This new accessory is the perfect companion for your phone. Not only does it serve as a super charged power bank - but it also can be used as a stand and as a ring holder.

Never run out of battery again and enjoy using your phone without any interruptions. 

  • Power N52 magnets that securely attaches to your iPhone 12 (or android device)
  • Comes with an extra magnet sheet for iPhone 11 and older versions (all iPhones above 8 have QI wireless capability). This sheet can be placed between a case and your iPhone and then the wireless charger can be attached securely to your case. 
  • Comes with an embedded ring that can be used as a holder or a kickstand. 
  • Compact yet powerful - the ultra slim power bank comes with 4000 mAh battery, enough to fully charge any iPhone or Android device from 0 to 100%.
  • This power bank can also be used to charge with a wire. What's more, it can also charge 2 devices simultaneously. 
  • At only 12mm wide, this power bank is ultra thin, making it easy for you to hold your iPhone comfortably. 
  • Made with high quality material - strong and sturdy
  • Wireless charging output - 15W
  • Cable charging output - 20W
  • Comes with LED battery indicator 
  • Portable - easy to carry 


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